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Energy Healing Sessions

Liberate & Embody your Journey, Heal

the Past, Step into the Now

Mediation regression healing.  Unlock your subconscious and limiting beliefs that keep you unhappy & unfilled. Bring Joy & vibrancy back to life. 


Together we will find what makes your soul sing!

Soul Alignment & Healing is healing on a spiritual level. This is a blended therapy created by Rev. Laura with her experience in the energy healing arts and Shamanic soul retrieval.  Working with the soul on a spiritual level to heal and transmute the energy that is causing a disturbance. Realigning the mind body and soul. We have all experience our share of loss, trauma & emotions, but how do we move past these emotions into a more empowered version of ourselves? When we are aligned to Divine energy, we can move into a state of healing. Opening our hearts allows the souls voice to sing! Soul healing works deep in the layers of the trauma or pain residence to remove and transmute these energies for healing, clarity and understanding. 

Soul Alignment& Healing Sessions

Soul recovery healing for childhood trauma, releasing toxic memories, clearing generational trauma & past life. Through hypnotherapy & Shamanic Healing 

Healing Therapy

What others have to say..

"Laura helped my personal healing journey through her compassionate, self-esteem building way of delivering her very insightful broad perspective, in the context of giving readings. She is supportive and kind, and sees A LOT! She helped me to understand my situation and my past, and helped me to restore faith in myself."-Wingeier

Preparing for a Session:

  • Sessions:

  • It may take up to 6 weeks to get an appointment. If you would like to be put on the next available or cancellation list, please add in your comments when booking. We will call you if someone cancels or something sooner becomes available. 

  • Your privacy is number one

  • Your name or any reading information will never be shared with anyone.

  • All Healing sessions are Via Zoom link 

  • Find a place where you can lay down and listen to your session. You will be in a mediative state during most of your session. Please dress comfortably and have a space you can relax in.  

  • Be sure that you are in a quiet area with little background noise. A closed room is best

  • Be sure you are in an area where you have a good internet connection.

  • Take 10 to 15 mins before your session to relax and breathe.

  • have a blanket or pillow with you so you are ready to mediate during your session 

  • You may prepare one or two questions we can answer at the end of the session.

  • Surrender all expectations and enjoy.

  • Rev. Laura will pray before each healing session and walk you through your session slowly. 

  • Each healing session is unique to each individual 

Please Note:
  • She does not offer "emergency" appointments.

  • Please do not relay on this information to make pressured or panicked decisions.

  • If you are depressed or feel you are a threat to yourself or others, please call 800-273-8255​.

  • All information about your session or class will be emailed to you 24 hrs. prior to your session.​​

Refunds & Disclaimer:
  • There are no refunds once the service has been provided. You may receive a full refund if only canceled within 48 hrs. of your scheduled appointment. ​

  • Disclaimer: When you are booking a session with Rev. Laura Swanson you are agreeing to the following: The session is for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information and any actions you take, is your own personal responsibility and free will. All sessions should in no way be concerned legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation.