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Rev. Laura Swanson, ordained Minister & Natural Angel Channel. She founded On Angels Wings in 2015 to bring a harmonious and tranquil environment for spiritual readings and healings. She has a master’s degree in Spiritual Counseling and has devoted her life to a spiritually balanced lifestyle.

She has developed her own healing modules, classes, and workshops. For angelic connection, metaphysical expansion, spiritual development and shamanic healing. Her angel reading sessions are truly inspiring and encourage higher levels of consciousness, healing and growth.


"My Goal is to empower and uplift individuals to work with their highest potential in all areas of life from finances, relationships, and career. Helping clients find their power and stepping into their sovereignty. 

​Let's discover what makes your souls sing!"

​Light & Love,

Rev. Laura Swanson 

Reading Sessions

Group Classes

One on One 

What others have to say..

“Laura has been reading and doing services for my family for over 5 years. She has brought so much hope into our lives. I started a new job and career path because of her opening and brining me closer to angels and the universe. Thank you Laura.”


Soul Alignment & Healing Sessions 

Heal the past, divorce, financial, childhood trauma, pass life healing and energy healing 

Healing Therapy

What others have to say..

“I love my time with Laura. I would absolutely recommend Laura Swanson for individual readings. She is so light and bright, cheerful and inspiring! Her reading hit on accomplishments and barriers from my past, affirmed desires in my heart that I need to jump into and go for, and channeled my passed loved one in all her feisty glory. Her readings help me feel at peace with current situations and inspired to be the best me and strive for goals that will help me grow in a way that fills my heart.”


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