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Unlock Your Divine Potential with Angel Readings

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Do you ever feel lost on your journey and wish you could talk to someone who only has the best intention for you? Many times we talk about our relationship issues, job struggles or family problems to friends & family who might not have the best advise when it comes to resolutions. Did you know everyone comes to earth with guardian angels to watch and guide us every step of our journey? They only have the best intentions for us and will help us when we ask. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to connect with your angels and receive their divine guidance? You can do just that with angel readings. with me, Rev. Laura Swanson, minster, angel channel, and healer. I founded On Angels Wings in 2015 to bring a harmonious environment for spiritual readings and healing. I am a physical medium, I am able to see and feel your messages without the use of tarot cards, crystal balls or divination tools. In a session, I encourage higher levels of consciousness, healing, and growth so that individuals can work with their highest potential in all areas of life. Angel readings are not typical "psychic reading" for they encourage individual growth & higher levels of consciousness. They will not prophesize futures but encourage free will & choice through personal action & support. I believe everyone has a Divine mission here on earth, lets find what makes your soul sing!

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from angel reading sessions!

The Benefits of Angel Reading Session

Angel readings are incredibly beneficial for those who want to unlock their true potential. During a session, I channel messages from your angels and guides which break to the core of issues affecting you now. Which will give you clarity on any situation or question you have. This type of communication is designed to help people move forward in life by providing insight into the unknown areas that may be holding them back.

Reading sessions are via Zoom meetings. All sessions are recorded.

Whether you're seeking clarity on certain topics or are looking for deeper spiritual wisdom & understanding - a session will provide you with the tools & insights necessary to reach your highest potential & live the life of your dreams! So why wait? Start unlocking your true power now by booking an angel reading session today!

For more information about how On Angels Wings can help you elevate your spiritual journey contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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