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Global Meditation 444 Portal

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Huge Success, Thank You~Global Meditation April 4, 2020

The Global Mediation that took place on 4/4 portal ushered in Divine, Grand Energies of Ascended Masters and Angels presence. Angel number 444, There are angels-they're everywhere around you! You are completely love and supported and guided by many heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear!

One 7th of the World population came together to manifesting love and healing for the new 5D Earth over the 4/4-4/5 weekend. This Mass Global mediation reached epic proportions with the Universal shut downs across the Globe. We are doing are part to lift the vibration of that plant. The Global mediation continues to take place daily!

This is a spectacular time to be on Earth, as we are witness Earth rise from 3D to a 5D energy. The world and earth are healing as a collective.The Schumann Resonance, the Earths electromagnetic field, displayed huge pikes as we hit lower 5D energies during that mediation and weekend. The vibrational frequency are creating Heaven on Earth!

Would you like to join the mediation? You can do your part by setting aside time each day to send love & healing to the world. We will keep you updated on new dates and times for Global Portal days!


Laura Swanson

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