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Happy New Year 2023!

Welcome 2023! A Year of Spiritual Reflection and Refocus

It’s a new year, and it’s time to reflect on the past year and plan for the new one. The year 2022 was spiritually the number 6 master energy, which shook things up from the inside out. It helped us refocus and restore the most important aspects in our lives. Now, we welcome 2023, which is a universal number 7. This year will be a year of spiritual reflection and refocus, with opportunities to develop our emotional intelligence while creating strong foundations for ourselves.

Universal Number 7 Energy

The number seven represents wisdom, understanding, intuition, and mysticism. This universal energy is associated with inner growth, understanding of life's mysteries, and learning from experiences. This energy encourages us to seek knowledge through self-reflection & meditation to access our inner resources & uncover deeper truths about ourselves & life itself. We should use this universal energy as an opportunity to develop our emotional intelligence by connecting with our highest selves and discerning what is best for us so that we can make decisions based on our values & beliefs rather than fear or external pressures.

This spiritual journey also involves building strong foundations for ourselves that are rooted in love & compassion as well as self-care & self-respect so that we can create meaningful relationships with others & contribute positively to society. By analyzing how we interact with people in our daily lives--including family members, partners/spouses, friends, colleagues at work--we can identify areas where we need improvement or healing in order to create more fulfilling relationships & foster greater understanding amongst each other.

Focus On What Matters Most

The upcoming year will provide us with an excellent opportunity to focus on what matters most—our health (physical, mental & emotional), family/friends/relationships, career/finances/businesses—in order to lead a balanced and fulfilling life. When we focus on these areas of importance in our lives first before attending to distractions from outside forces such as social media or drama between acquaintances or strangers online—we become better equipped at making decisions based on what serves us best rather than allowing external influences dictate how we live our lives or feel about ourselves and others. Additionally setting boundaries around who has access into your personal space including your physical body or mind enables you to protect yourself from energies that do not resonate with your higher purpose or truth while still fostering connection & meaningful relationships when appropriate.

2023 is going to be an exciting new chapter full of opportunities for spiritual reflection and refocus! With this universal energy of wisdom and understanding available this year – let's use it as an opportunity to build strong foundations within ourselves by developing emotional intelligence through connecting with our highest selves seeking knowledge through self-reflection & meditation so that we can make decisions based on our values instead of fear or external pressures. Let's take advantage this amazing energy shift by focusing on what matters most in order for us all to lead balanced and fulfilled lives! Wishing you all a blessed new year filled with peace and joy! :)

Rev. Laura Swanson

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