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Regression & Energy Healing

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Regression & Energy Healing

Do you ever feel like certain behavior is holding you back from the relationships or life experiences you want to have? Do you feel that your life is stuck and can’t move forward? You’re not alone. Many people experience a feeling of being trapped in their current situation, unable to break free from limiting beliefs that bring them unhappiness & unfulfillment. But there is hope! Mediation regression & energy healing can help you reconnect with yourself, cleansing away negative energy and freeing your subconscious up to new possibilities and insights. Imagine all the joy and vibrancy that can come flooding back into your life when this happens—it can be like opening up an entirely new world of potential growth and fulfilment for yourself. Life can become magical.

What Is Regression Healing?

At its core, mediation regression or energy healing is a way of looking back on our lives in order to understand why we might be struggling with certain things now. In a mediative state a practitioner can guide a client into a peaceful and tranquil state . This unlocks the subconscious mind and allows for new perspective, understanding & clarity. When we work with the subconscious mind, we unlock a whole new world of information. Granting us more understanding of self. This can help us understand why we do what we do and what sabotaging behaviors might prohibiting growth . I use a blend of hypnotherapy, energy healing & Shamanic soul retrieval to access memories both conscious and unconscious, so we can begin to make sense of how they might be impacting our daily life. This could include revisiting childhood traumas, relationship trauma, releasing toxic memories, or even clearing generational trauma or past lives if necessary.

Benefits Of Meditation Regression , Energy Healing

This healing therapy works with the soul on a deep spiritual level. Healing trauma from the soul throughout the mind & body lifting & healing every aspect of life. It helps identify patterns in our behavior that may have been holding us back without us even realizing it. It can brings levels of healing that years of therapy can not. By addressing these issues on a spiritual level, we can connect to the subconscious and free the soul from any mental blocks that have been preventing us from living the life we want. Clearing the trauma from the body & mind allowing for newness & peace. Additionally, it helps us gain an understanding of why we act in certain ways or feel certain emotions—which in turn allows us to better control our reactions in difficult situations going forward. Finally, by doing this kind of inner healing work you may also find relief from physical symptoms such as chronic pain or headaches which have been linked to unresolved emotional issues.

How To Get Started with Meditation Regression, Energy Healing

The good news is that getting started with meditation regression or energy healing doesn’t have to be intimidating. You found me that's half the struggle. I will guide you through each step as needed and make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process. There are no guarantees as everyone’s experience is different, but most people report positive changes after just a the first session.

Mediation regression & energy healing is a powerful tool for unlocking your potential and breaking free from limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck for too long. By exploring both conscious and unconscious memories related to childhood traumas, relationships, toxic situations, we can start to unlock our true potential for joy and vibrancy—opening up an entirely new world of possibilities for growth and fulfilment! If this sounds like something that resonates with you then I would be happy to help you on this journey.

Truly, Rev. Laura Swanson

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