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Personal Smudge Kit

Personal Smudge Kit



Personal Smudge Kit

Each comes with:

A Handmade mini Feather fan

2 Palo Santo Sticks

2 Selenite Sticks 


Great for travel or gift 


Smudge Kit Palo Santo & Selenite Stick for Energy Cleansing, personal, home or office. Handmade energy attuned for each other. Selenite stick and ethically sourced. 

Helps with moving into a new home 

overcoming challenges

Cleansing psychic debris 

Selenite is a super cleaner with beautiful healing properties. Working with this crystal will increase clarity and help open to higher levels of consciousness

Palo Santo Is called the holy wood and has amazing healing properties with spiritual and emotional needs. This magical wood has been used for centerties to cleanse and clear and purify.  Palo has the highest amount of antioxidants used to cure common cold, flu and headaches. 

All kits are different because they are handmade just for you.

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